Camp Worker’s Dress Code

Applies to all camp events

Please note that the dress code applies to all camp events, including training, pre-camp, camp, and retreats.
We appreciate your cooperation in presenting a professional appearance to those we minister to.


  • You will be given 5 camp t-shirts to be worn at all times, except at the pool, Thursday chapel services, and in the evenings once girls and guys have gone to their separate areas for the night. If you lose a shirt you will need to purchase a replacement for $5.
  • Exception: Sunday night you do not have to wear a camp shirt. Wear any appropriate t-shirt, but please no tank tops.
  • Bermuda shorts and capris must be at least knee length.
  • Pants/jeans must be loose fitting. No tight jeans.
  • Tank tops and short shorts are only acceptable at night once girls and guys have gone to their separate areas.
  • Please plan on dressing up for Thursday evening chapel services. For example, you could wear a dress or skirt (knee length), or pants with a nice top. Please avoid t-shirts and jeans.
  • All clothing should fit loosely.
  • Tankinis or one-piece swimsuits should be worn at the pool. The midriff should be covered at all times. Bikinis and monokinis are not allowed. A t-shirt over a bikini is not acceptable.
  • No extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors.
  • Flip-flops are not permitted during sports, physical activities, or at the barn.
  • Facial piercings such as nose rings, eyebrow rings, and tongue piercings are not permitted. You will be asked to remove them. Clear jewelry is not allowed as a replacement.
  • Bringing jewelry to camp is discouraged. It is permitted, but Camp Hope Haven is not responsible for any loss or damage to jewelry. Jewelry is prohibited in the pool area. Lifeguards are not responsible for jewelry that is left in pool area.
  • Tattoos must be covered during work hours and at all camp events, such as pre-camp training and worker retreat.



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