Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions by people interested in working for Camp Hope Haven. If you have more questions or would like to get more information, email camp or call (757) 427-1500.


What are the age requirements for workers?

All workers must be at least 15 years old.


What are the dates for camp in 2018?

Camp runs from June 25th to Aug 3rd, with a week of training before camp starts.


When I am working at camp, do I stay at camp?

When you work a week of camp, you stay at camp. We will house you in either a cabin or cottage with other staff of the same gender.


Will food be provided, or should I bring my own?

Food is provided. We will have three meals a day and dinner on the Sunday night before each week starts.


Will I be able to leave camp if I need to?

We encourage staff to remain at camp during your scheduled week. Please plan doctor appointments or trips around your work schedule – not during the week you are working.


Why is there a “no cell phone” rule at camp?

Camp is a time to focus on the children and God without any outside distractions. We want everyone to be fully engaged with what they are doing at camp and how they are using their talents for God’s glory.


How can people communicate with me while I am at camp?

If there is an emergency, and someone needs to contact you, they can call our camp office  at 757-427-1627. We will let you know, so you can call them back.


Will I be compensated for working at camp?

While most of the positions are volunteer, with an end of the summer love gift, there are paid positions for college age staff.


What does a week at camp look like?

Each morning there are four rotations the campers will go through – nature, Bible, barn, and pool. There are also afternoon activities that alternate day to day, such as: bounce house, sports, crafts, and water games. Each evening there is a campus-wide game followed by a late-night chapel service. At this service, campers will see the Word of God come to life in a fun play put on by the staff. We also sing songs and learn a Bible verse for the week.

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