Reaching Romania

Our international sister ministry serves needy children and the poor in Romania.

Reaching Romania

Make a Difference in Romania’s Future!

Romania is one of the poorest nations in the European Union. Many working families can hardly make ends meet, and nearly 42% of children live in poverty, deprived of even the most basic needs.

Reaching Romania is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these hurting people.

The Food for Body and Soul program provides food, firewood, spiritual counseling, and hope to each of the destitute families and widows it helps each month.

Reaching Romania’s first Children’s Home, House of Linda, opened in Lugoj in 2017 with caring Christian house parents. The boys and girl who live there receive nutritious meals, clothing, education, Bible training, and emotional support. In a country fraught with troubles, they experience the joys of being a child in a loving family. As Romania plans to close its state-run orphanages within the next few years, House of Linda plans to expand to welcome many more children who will otherwise be left without a home.

Our other community outreaches include wellness and vision clinics with Romanian doctors and nurses, as well as pastoral and church leadership workshops, women’s, youth, and marriage conferences, and trauma training classes for child welfare professionals.

Share the love of Christ to make a difference in needy Romanian children’s, men’s, and women’s lives!

Give Now

Reaching Romania is the international ministry outreach of The Union Mission, working through The Bashford Foundation in Romania. For 20+ years, the organization has been making a difference in the lives of needy Romanian children and adults living in poverty. By transforming individual lives with the love of Christ, eventually we can transform a nation!

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Reaching Romania ministers through loving Christian care.

Our Christian house parents are family to the boys and girls who live at House of Linda, our children’s home—and in 2021 we plan to exponentially expand the number of children we can help as Romania closes down its state-run orphanages.

Our Food for Body and Soul ministry provides monthly practical aid that needy adults and families cannot afford.

And our benevolence, medical, and training outreaches increase as we strengthen our partnerships with Romanian churches, businesses, government officials, and nonprofit agencies.

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Donate. Serve. Pray.

See how your financial gifts provide food, clothing, services, and the love of Christ to needy Romanian children and adults. Learn how you can contribute as part of an annual missions team. Discover how you change the future of a nation with your prayers for the Romanian people and our staff.

Whatever you can do to help Reaching Romania makes a real difference!

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Your gift today—or on a monthly basis—will change the future of a child by providing a safe, Christian home environment, nutritious food, clothing, and a basic education that can free them from poverty. Your gift can give a child a life of joy!


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