Romanian Mission Trips

Mission teams travel several times a year to minister to the people in Romania.

first buildingTimeline

2000 – Dr. Ted Bashford took his first trip to Romania. Immediately upon his return our work began.

Assistance was provided to an orphanage to repair the doors and windows in their building.

A car was purchased for a missionary working with the street children in Bucharest.

May 2001 – Survey trip made by James McPherson (Dr. Bashford’s grandson) to select a location to begin ministry.

September 2001 – First U.S. mission team trip to build a church in Simand, a gypsy village.

August 2002 – Mission team conducted Vacation Bible Schools and nightly services in villages.

March 2003 – First Pastor’s Conference held in Lugoj. Began work on Bashford Foundation legal documents.

August 2003 – Mission team conducted the first medical clinic in Lugoj.

March 2004 – Bashford Foundation established. Daniel Toc, Foundation President, began search for land to build on.

2004-2016 – U.S. mission teams traveled twice a year providing medical and wellness clinics, training, and construction projects.

2010  – Land purchase of 100 acres completed. Work begun on Master Plan for property development and feeding programs for families.

2011 – Master Plan for property completed. Work begun on detailed plans for property.

2012 – Detailed plans completed and work to fence property begins. (All property in Romania must have a fence around the entire property.)

March 2014 – Ground Breaking Ceremony for the first building to be constructed on the property.

May 2017 – Construction of first building completed.

August 2017 – Opening of the first Children’s Home.

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If you would like to join us on a mission trip, or learn more about Reaching Romania, contact James McPherson, Director of Reaching Romania, at (757) 390-7518. Our next mission trip is scheduled for September 27 – October 8, 2018.

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