Born and raised in Chesapeake with two sisters by a single mom, Eugene never met his father. He graduated from high school and went to work at Target as an overnight stock man. “I wasn’t very motivated and would rather hang out with my friends.” He moved out of his mother’s home. He lived with a girlfriend for three years and they had a daughter, now two years old. His girlfriend eventually kicked him out and he lived on the streets for two to three years, sleeping in cars, living house to house with friends, and on the streets. Finally, with nowhere else to go, he came to The Union Mission.

“My state of mind was very depressed. I was lost and didn’t know what to do.” He stayed at the Mission for two months and then got back with his ex-girlfriend. He stayed with her for a year before they broke up for good. He was working at McDonalds, jumping from house to house again, staying with friends and family, and then came back to the Mission.

“I thought, ‘Here we go again,’ but the difference is that I was a lot calmer about what to expect. I wanted to change my whole entire self; be a constructive member of society. My Case Manager, Kathy Confer helped me out a lot. She listened to my problems and introduced me to Mr. Metcalf” (David Development Program Director).

He decided to join the program. “They helped me out a whole bunch. They helped me spiritually, and helped me get a job and housing. Through talking about my problems and counseling me, Mr. Metcalf helped me a lot. He is like a father figure to me. It’s a real blessing. The program helped me become a bigger man that what I was. I kept going to Chapel although I didn’t take it seriously at first, but the prayers uplifted me. If it wasn’t for the Mission I would still be going from house to house. It wouldn’t be good. My future is looking bright. My main motivation is to provide a future for my daughter.”

Eugene moved into his own apartment for the first time saying, “I’m very excited about getting my own place. This will be my first place by myself. I thank God I had the opportunity to experience The Union Mission.”

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