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Homeless young men in Hampton Roads feel lost and forgotten. Their souls cry out for purpose.

Give homeless young men a hopeful, successful future!

Support our David Development Program.

So many young men end up on the streets of Hampton Roads because they lack the basic skills to live independent, successful lives. Often products of broken homes, joblessness, or trauma, they find themselves cast aside by society, alone and hopeless. But together we can help them help themselves before it’s too late.

Help restore the lives of homeless young men with your gift for our David Development Program, a pathway to wholeness designed for all Bashford Men’s Shelter guests between the ages of 18 and 31. The program is named for King David, “a man after God’s own heart,” though his life choices were far from perfect. As David slew Goliath with God’s help, he’s a model for others to face and defeat the giants in their own lives.

When you support our annual Path to Purpose campaign, you provide them with the tools they need to build a better future. Here at The Union Mission, they find future-focused Christian care, training, and practical help with employment, anger management, mental health care, Christian discipleship, and ongoing mentoring! Your donation of $100, $200, or any amount can unlock the boundless potential that lives inside each of them and change generations to come!

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God has a plan for each of us—including the struggling 20-somethings who arrive at our doors. Discover why so many young men across Hampton Roads find themselves homeless, and how our upgraded David Development Program helps them find jobs, counseling, motivation, and Christian mentoring to escape the cycles of homelessness, poverty, abuse, addiction, and hopelessness. David Development Program Director Lamont Harris shares his insights on how The Union Mission helps change their destinies.

Your gift transforms lives now and to come!

Your support for our David Development Program helps deserving young men end their homelessness forever. Through firm, but loving, Christian care, education, and basic life-skills training like job readiness, financial literacy, relationship building, and faith, they develop the tools they need to become successful adults. Since about 25% of these young men already are fathers themselves, as these dads-in-training learn how to raise their children, their strong families break the curse of generational poverty.

Your Path to Purpose gift helps us strengthen and expand this important program: 

  • Cultivate partnerships with employers who are willing to look beyond a young man’s past and toward his bright future.
  • Foster educational connections to help young men earn high school diplomas or continue their studies to improve their career prospects.
  • Develop Christian mentors to teach men that they are not defined by their mistakes, but by their Maker.
  • Enhance interpersonal skills to build healthy, lasting, godly relationships.
  • Assist with sustainable housing help to achieve self-sufficiency.

As these homeless young men receive the training and support they need to become productive members of society, they help to break the cycle of homelessness forever!

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What a difference your generosity makes!


“We come to the program defeated. In my case, staff lifted me up. They listened. They helped me do what I couldn’t do on my own…discover God’s plan for me.” —Eric, 25


“They taught me to think more about the decisions I make in life, to be more humble, and how to change the way I approach people—to show them more respect. They helped me become a man.” —Shaun, 23


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