Collection Drives

Host drives for our must-have items throughout the year to provide for the needs of the homeless.

You Can Make a Difference!

Every day, hundreds of hungry and hurting men, women, and children count on The Union Mission Ministries for help. It can be a challenge to provide all the things our guests need—and costs have risen on nearly everything we provide to them for free.

If you or your family, Sunday school class, Scouting troop, or corporate outreach group wants to make a difference that changes lives, consider a collection drive to provide some of our always-most-needed items from our Give Goods page.

As you are making your plans, please contact our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator.

It’s expensive to set up a new home when you’ve been homeless. Provide a great housewarming gift to our shelter guests moving into permanent housing: a plastic tote loaded with useful household items. To fill a Home Tote costs about $100–$125, making this a great group project!

Download the Home Tote Packing List. »

Transportation is essential for our shelter guests to get to their jobs, interviews, appointments, and children’s daycare providers. Every day we provide them with bus passes. You can purchase them for us at selected area Food Lions and 7-Elevens or directly through Hampton Roads Transit.

Purchase Bus Passes Here. »

Host a drive to donate bath towels and washcloths, or extra-long twin sheet sets and pillowcases. All our towels and bed linens are bleached regularly, so white is often the best color choice. And many retailers, like Amazon, will ship them directly to us!

View the White Linens Drive Flyer »

Fast Food Gift Cards

Many of our homeless shelter guests and program residents work off-site and odd hours. They can’t always catch a hearty meal in our dining halls. But a $10 gift card for a local chain restaurant, gas station, or convenience store gives them an affordable meal break that’s a real blessing!

It’s easy to sponsor a meal for our guests! You can simply cover the costs, personally cook and deliver your culinary creation, or cater a lunch or dinner. About 160 portions will cover both shelters, or choose just one shelter for a more manageable size. To schedule, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Download our Shelter Meals Overview.  »

Sack Breakfasts or Snacks

Our shelter guests who work love to grab a breakfast bag on their way out in the morning. We provide suggested packing lists, and it’s a fun assembly-line project for groups. We also love prepackaged evening snacks. Email for more info or to schedule your delivery!

It’s one of our greatest year-round needs: new underwear for the men, women, and children staying with us. We also appreciate your donations of gently used, more visible clothing for the benefit of our shelter guests and our Thrift Store sales.

View the Undie Sunday flyer. »

Many of our guests arrive with their clothing in a garbage bag or crammed into a backpack. Providing them with a good-sized wheeled suitcase or a large dufflebag helps protect their belongings and restore their dignity. Luggage also facilitates an easier move into permanent housing.

View the Luggage Drive flyer. »

Hope Haven has many year-round supply needs. Your donations can help make Camp Hope Haven, our Children’s Home, Recharge Respite Care, Switchback, and our other family-friendly outreaches a success!

Learn More »

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