Sarah’s mother died when she was 6 and her father raised her and her siblings. She dropped out of school, but later got a G.E.D. She got certified as a CNA and spent many years as a caregiver.

“When my health started failing and arthritis spread all through my body, I couldn’t stand for long periods of time and had to quit the work I was doing. Being out of work, trying to pay bills, is how I got in this predicament.”

She lived with her son in his car for a while and with other people, but it was hard to find a job, until she came to the Mission. “Coming here was so different and I had to adjust like everyone else, but it was good. I got clean linen, we had three meals a day, and I got to go to Chapel. Back then I didn’t have a relationship with the Lord, but I found him here.”

Sarah applied for disability but was turned down. When her son got a better job she left to live with him. “It felt promising, but things didn’t go well.” She was back to living from house-to-house, then from shelter-to-shelter. “It was horrible. I had to stay outside in the cold. My health was deteriorating, I felt depressed, and my self-esteem was so low.”

Sarah came back to the Mission last summer. “It was such a relief. I thank the Lord because he led me back here. I was so grateful.”

When her disability was approved, “it opened up doors to get Medicaid and food stamps. They sent me a check and I was able to save money and spend money on things I really wanted. I started feeling the favor and blessings of God. I even started losing weight and enjoyed all the compliments I got. The Handi-Ride comes right to the door to pick me up and I have a wonderful doctor.

I used to feel like the Lord didn’t love me. Why did I have to go through all this? Today, I don’t talk like that. When I came into this environment, it was like a breath of fresh air. I’m just so grateful to the Lord and that the Mission was still here for me. Thank you Lord, thank you so much! I don’t know where I’d be without the Lord!”

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