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Moving forward to a better life.

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Every man, woman, and child who comes through the doors of The Union Mission has something in common. They have nowhere else to turn and have lost hope. They need time to heal and people who care. Through a caring staff who guides them, and Bible-based programs designed to help them out of their homelessness, people’s lives are transformed from hopelessness to wholeness.


Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Life skills, health improvement, and job readiness training is offered through Bible-based programs. Classes include topics like employment readiness, budgeting and finance, parenting, relapse prevention, anger management, healthy boundaries, computer skills, culinary arts, retail, and warehousing. In addition, our Wellness Program also helps our guests to improve their physical and mental health, which has often been neglected, and to connect with rehab services, if necessary. Each of these programs helps prepare our guests to secure permanent housing and live independently and successfully.


Men’s programs include one-on-one spiritual guidance opportunities and regular Bible study and chapels.

Classes offered to all men in our shelters include relapse prevention, employment readiness, computer skills, budgeting and finance, anger management, and more. Assistance in obtaining benefits, employment and housing is offered.

David Development Program – A program for young men 18–31 based on the life of King David in the Bible. Includes mentoring, character building, behavioral expectations, job readiness, overcoming childhood adversity, anger management, social and relationship skills, and cultural and professional interactions.

RECLAIM – Our transitional housing and life skills program helps men move from emergency shelter to low-cost room rentals (including board). The goals is to help these men learn how succeed in independent living. Participants continue to have access to shelter services and counseling while saving funds and working on a permanent housing plan. The end goal is that each man will become independent and self-sufficient in permanent, affordable housing.



Our Women’s programs focus on personal development, spiritual, physical, social, educational growth, health and wellness, conflict resolution, and employment readiness. Classes in computer skills, budgeting, obtaining a G.E.D., food handler certification, and CPR Training are available, as is case management and assistance with securing benefits, employment, and permanent, affordable housing.

Bible studies are held daily and give a spiritual grounding for all of our female guests.

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