Give Goods

Towels and washcloths, razors and soap, underwear, toiletries, and bus passes, our guests desperately need them all.

 Our Most-Needed Items

  • ⇒ A GREAT WINTER COLLECTION DRIVE! GIFT CARDS: These help our guests with meals at work or away from the shelters, buying household goods for new apartments, purchasing necessary work clothing, etc.
    • Convenience stores/Gas stations (i.e., 7-Eleven, Wawa, Royal Farms)
    • Grocery stores (Food Lion, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Lidl, ALDI, Walmart Supercenter, Fresh Market, Piggly Wiggly, Wegman’s): $10 or $25 increments
    • Fast-food restaurants: $10 increments
    • Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General: $5 or $10 increments
    • Walmart or Target: $10 or $25 increments
  • ⇒ A GREAT WINTER COLLECTION DRIVE!  BUS PASSES: Our guests use these for job interviews, getting to work and back, transport to doctor visits, and travel for other appointments.
    • BUY PASSES ONLINE HERE, at Hampton Roads Transit station vending machines, or at selected 7-Eleven and Food Lion stores
  • ⇒ SEASONAL WINTER WELLNESS NEED! HBP COLD RELIEF MEDICINE: Cold and flu season is even more dangerous for our shelter guests with high blood pressure. But non-prescription medicines like Coricidin HBP, Dayquil HBP, and drugstore brands marked HBP can help them get better without making their hypertension worse.
  • ⇒ YEAR-ROUND NEED! LUGGAGE: Many guests arrive with their clothing and goods in plastic bags. Luggage helps them organize their belongings and move more easily when they secure permanent housing.
    • Medium, large, and extra-large rolling suitcases or dufflebags, new or gently used.
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Backpacks and small suitcases.
  • LARGE-PRINT BIBLES, any version. Regular-size-print Bibles are CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED.
  • BACKPACKS & SCHOOL SUPPLIES for children and adult students. CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED.
    • ⇒ YEAR-ROUND NEED! Washcloths: White / cotton or cotton-blend preferred
    • ⇒ YEAR-ROUND NEED! Bath towels: White / cotton or cotton-blend preferred
    • Twin XL sheets (fitted and flat): White preferred. Cotton, cotton-blend, or microfiber
    • Pillowcases (standard): White preferred. Cotton, cotton-blend, or microfiber
    • Twin XL blankets: Cotton, cotton-blend, microfiber, or fleece
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Fleece or plush throw blankets and snuggle wraps
  • ⇒ YEAR-ROUND NEED! BOTTLED WATER: Individually sealed, undamaged bottles, by the case. (We cannot use water-cooler jugs.)
    • Hotel- / travel-sized bars of soap (.5 oz. – 1 oz.), individually wrapped or bulk packaged.
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Deodorant, men’s and women’s (full-size or travel-size roll-on, stick, gel, or spray)
    • Shampoo and/or conditioner (travel-size)
    • Lotion (travel-size)
    • Shaving cream (travel-size)
    • Disposable razors (men’s and women’s)
    • Tissue packs
    • Detangling hairbrushes for Afro/curly/wavy/knotted/thick hair
    • Men’s incontinence products/undergarments (Women’s are CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED.)
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Feminine monthly hygiene products.
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Reusable plastic / metal water bottles
    • ⇒ HOLIDAY SEASON NEED! Men’s white undershirts/t-shirts, crewneck, sizes XXXL, XXL, XL
    • ⇒ HOLIDAY SEASON NEED! Men’s underwear (boxers or boxer briefs preferred), sizes XXL, XL, L
    • Men’s coats/work jackets (winter-weight, not fleece or jersey hoodies), sizes XXXL, XXL, XL, and L.
    • Khakis / pants (all colors, all sizes)
    • Dress / work shirts (all sizes)
    • Men’s black belts (all sizes)
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Men’s flip flops / shower shoes
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Men’s socks, dress and athletic
    • Women’s underwear (sizes 7 to 10+ briefs)
    • Women’s pajamas (sizes M-XL)
    • Women’s coats
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Women’s flip flops / shower shoes
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED/OVERSTOCKED. Women’s hats, scarves, and gloves
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Women’s socks, white athletic, dressy, or casual
    • Diapers (especially size 5)
    • Diaper rash cream or ointment
    • Potty-training pull-ups for toddlers, sizes 3T-4T and 4T-5T
    • Children’s underwear (girls and boys, all sizes)
    • CURRENTLY WELL STOCKED. Children’s pajamas (both girls and boys)
  • HOPE HAVEN SUPPLIES: Help nurture children and strengthen families with donations to Hope Haven and Camp Hope Haven this June and July.

Make Your Shopping Easy

Use our Amazon Wishlist!
Donated clothing is given to our shelter guests, while sheets, towels, blankets, and washcloths are for their care while in our shelters. When our guests secure housing, we assist them with donated furniture and household goods

Food, Clothing, Shelter, and so much more!

Hurting and hungry men, women, and children come to the doors of The Union Mission for help every day, many with just the clothes on their backs. They need a hot meal, a shower, clean clothing, and a safe place to lay their heads. You can help restore their dignity and self-respect by providing for their basic physical needs. Then we offer counseling and job- and life-skills training to help them overcome the causes that led to their homelessness. Most important, as each one here hears the Gospel of Christ, lives are transformed forever.

When a homeless person asks you for help…

Consider giving them a care package or a “blessing bag” instead of cash. Stock your car with gallon-sized zipper bags filled with packaged snacks, socks, bottled water, a rain poncho, a grocery store or gas station gift card, a Union Mission Emergency Info Card, and maybe a bus pass to get to the Mission. Help them get the help they need!




Donation Drop-off Locations

DONATION DROP-OFF (behind the Thrift Store)
Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
5100 E. Virginia Beach Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23502

Or check out our list of Local Clothing Drop-box Locations.

Request a tax receipt for household and clothing donations valued up to $250.

Schedule a Free Donation Pick-uptruck-new design






For larger items, please contact our
Donation Call Center at 757-627-8686, ext. 604
to schedule a pick-up.

100% of the proceeds from items sold in the Thrift Store come back to the ministry.

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