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This program helped me become a better man. If it wasn’t for the Mission, I would still be going from house to house. It wouldn’t be good. My future is looking bright. My main motivation is to provide a future for my daughter.”


“When I first came, I really liked it because it was different than the other shelters I had stayed in. The Union Mission is not just a shelter but it’s like ‘a land of opportunity.’ It was easy. They gave me free food and all the essentials.”


Nathan and another “David” moved into their own apartment in January. He has hope now and a future.


You gave Robert a place to stay. Without you, he would still be on the street. Thank you.


“The staff helped me spiritually. Now God is in my life daily. I joined the savings program, and they are helping me with my stability and to find housing. If it wasn’t for the Mission, I would still be living in my van.” Michele recently moved into her own apartment excited about a new future.


When Leonard left the military in 1983, he quickly learned that his fight wasn’t over. He went from job to job until he became ill. Life on the home front was a battle of its own.


“The world is a dark place and people can get lost on the streets. If it wasn’t for the Mission, I’d be in a much worse place. I wouldn’t have a way to make money for us to eat. This place is wonderful. Everything you learn here will make your life better.”


“There are some great people at the Mission. They encouraged me, making sure I was on the right path God wants me to follow. The David Program gives me a sense of what I didn’t have – like family members who care about me – people who will listen and keep me going.”


“God is always there giving us strength and courage to carry on. Who knows, perhaps some other camper will come back years later and serve the Lord here at Hope Haven.”


“This place has transformed me. People here really care about me.”

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